IN-HOME service is valid ONLY in Jefferson County, KY. Any appliance taken outside of the county will need to be brought back to our facility for needed service.


30 DAY FULL WARRANTY covers service, labor, and parts for any problems in craftsmanship of the appliance for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. The warranty covers ONLY mechanical operation of the item purchased. It DOES NOT cover any cosmetic or non-mechanical items such as handles, knobs, gaskets, trim work, racks, crisper drawers, light bulbs, etc. Clocks and timers are also not covered under warranty.  Any  damages or repairs needed as a result of misuse by the customer will not be covered under the warranty. Please see exceptions below. In addition, we do not cover any personal items or property damaged by any appliance. Examples- Food that would spoil in the event the refrigerator is no longer working properly, washer or dryer putting spots of any kind on clothing, etc. The only thing covered by the warranty is the craftsmanship of the appliance. (The appliance is in working order)


We do not provide free check up/ inspections on appliances under warranty that are properly working. In the instance a service call is scheduled and the appliance is found to be working properly or the damage to the appliance was caused by something other than the craftsmanship of the appliance, a $45 service call (+labor &parts if necessary) will be the responsibility of the customer and will be due at the time the service call is completed. Example 1- a dryer under warranty is taking to long to dry and the customer schedules a service call. Upon inspection, the technician finds the problem to be a clogged vent, the customer will be charged a $45 service call. Example 2- the customer calls and says they believe the appliance is making a funny noise or acting a little odd (just prior to warranty expiring) and they would like to have it checked out. Upon arrival, the technician finds nothing wrong with the appliance. The customer will be charged a $45 service call. Example 3- the customer calls and says the appliance just quit and won’t do anything. Upon inspection, the technician finds that the circuit breaker had tripped in the panel box, or there is a problem with the electric in the home/ building, and the appliance is working fine. The customer will be charged $45 for a service call.


All sales are final-no refunds, unless otherwise noted on this invoice. We reserve the right to replace rather than repair any item with another appliance of equal age, value, and/or condition in the event the appliance cannot be repaired or the cost of repairing the appliance is greater than replacing it. This is the seller’s option.